Leo Buscaglia

Leo Buscaglia

Leo Buscaglia has taught us all the meaning of love, laughter, joy and involvement with life, through his books, his lectures, and his example. He made us look at ourselves in wonderment and care, yet teaching us never to take ourselves so seriously that we fail to reach out to each other while there is time to do so.

One of my favorite "Leo" stories is his commentary on the time we humans take to brush our teeth, fix our hair, pick out the right out-fit, and how little time we take to move towards one another, in love, while we can. And, how afraid we all remain of being touched and reaching out to "touch" others.

What are we holding onto, what are we so afraid of, he asked us? Why is LOVE not a major requirement in every university as it is the single most volatile concern of every person on the face of the earth? People spend far more time on those things which pass away quickly, than on the one thing that does last, LOVE.

Leo's FELICE FOUNDATION, based in Nevada, has provided seed funding, for numerous worthy projects over the past many years. Projects that encourage "giving, beyond self." One of the first grants, a much-needed sign of encouragement, that was given to Renaissance Enterprises, came from The Felice Foundation, enabling us to provide many enrichment programs for senior's living in care facilities throughout the country, thank you, Leo, for that, and thank you for years of personal encouragement you gave so freely. We need you, more than ever.

Bob Rowe
January, 1998

LEO BUSCAGLIA FOUNDATION (from "Felice" Foundation)--
Jeff Jordan, Contact
P.O. Box 265
Palos Verdes Estates, Ca 90274

Please visit the Felice Foundation Home Page


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