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"In each artists journey there are mentors and guides who shape our artistic vision, and who shape our dreams...

REM WALL was someone remembered and cherished from childhood! "The Green Valley Jamboree," played, locally every Saturday night, for over 34 years, and we were raised on Rem's classic Country music! One of my very first television appearances was on his show, singing, "The Green Grass Of Home!" He was kind and always a gentleman, and always willing to help out anyone he could! It was pure joy to have him work with Renaissance Enterprises the last 5 years of his life and see the smiling faces that would light up when Rem would perform at a care facility, how lucky we were to have him!!

From my earliest memory, besides JUDY COLLINS, JOAN BAEZ was an influence, teaching me that you can blend entertainment with human rights and concern for others without being 'preachy' or straying too far from the purpose of music shared with, and performed for others enjoyment and enlightenment! Joan is a leader in this effort, and if it wasn't for her beautiful, poetic music, and stunningly beautiful melodies and lyrics, I probably wouldn't be a performer today. Purely "selfish," fun music, bored me, although there's absolutely nothing wrong with fun, in fact, we need more fun in today's world, but we also need thought, spirit, hope, and enlightenment, thank you JOAN (and JUDY) for that!

Speaking of JOAN' was JOAN BAEZ SR., who sent me the first book in my DAN PAULOS collection, "He's Put The Whole World In Her Hands," a wonderful volume of paper cutting art, set to the great words of MOTHER TERESA. His delicate work, and her words hit me strong, when I opened Joan's package that day, ten years ago! Since that time, Dan and I have become fast friends and have exchanged many a creative idea, (and more than a little gossip about our famous friends), and he is a fine example of an artist who is always willing and unselfish in helping further the artistic and spiritual careers of his friends, a rare approach, and a rare human being!

LEO BUSCAGLIA sent one of our first grant approvals for the mission of RENAISSANCE ENTERPRISES, through his 'Felice Foundation.' And remained, till his untimely death, a strong supporter, and believer in our vision and my music. Leo taught us all the value of living to the fullest and being who we are to the fullest, he is missed and irreplaceable!

RITA MACNEIL is someone I discovered 6 years ago, and who's own story is one of encouragement and inspiration to anyone who investigates it. Rita's music and voice are unique and inspiring and original. It is no wonder she has won so many awards in the Canadian Country music field and is a hit on her CBC weekly variety show! She is as gentle and encouraging in person as her music radiates hope and vibrancy-don't miss an opportunity to see Rita live!! You'll never forget it!

NANA MOUSKOURI is another icon. With a vast repertoire and an enormously successful recording and performing career that spans four decades, hundreds of concerts each year and over 200 albums, she is one of a kind! Her voice is strong, yet delicate, and sensitive as she wraps those golden notes around some of the best loved songs of our era, totally making each and everyone her own. Nana is as caring a person and human being as her music conveys and she continues to tour and inspire around the world with PBS specials, by representing UNICEF, giving live concerts and making recordings, don't miss her is she comes your way!!!

In l975 MIMI FARINA started BREAD & ROSES, in the San Francisco Bay area. They perform over 400 enrichment programs per year, in Bay Area nursing homes, hospitals, AIDS clinics, and every imaginable facility and are an inspiring organization to the founding of RENAISSANCE ENTERPRISES, in l987. MIMI is JOAN BAEZ' youngest sibling, but also is an accomplished folk singer in her own right and a leader in using the arts for the betterment of the institutionalized population and an inspiration to me!! God bless her for her light and her dedicated spirit!


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