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Comfort, Reassurance, Love…. and some fun too.

Nearly two million Americans live in long term care facilities.  Most are our elders whose physical or mental health has deteriorated to preclude a normal life.  Most cannot:

Travel independently
Integrate into normal society
Go shopping, to the movies, visit friends, work.
They are bypassed by our normal culture. Most cannot expect to live independently again. Many are near the end of their lives. 



Our goal here at Renaissance Enterprises is to provide the highest quality arts and music programs to nursing homes and related care facilities utilizing the services of the highest quality artists, artisans and performers whose vision matches our own, to love and serve the elderly through the arts.

What we do: 

At Renaissance Enterprises we bring the live arts to residents.  We bring comfort, reassurance and love (and some fun too) for residents of long term care facilities and senior centers. 

 The arts include music, dance, puppetry, and others. 

We bring:


*    Music


*    Dance

*    Live Arts


*    Reassurance


*    Comfort

*    Love

*    Respect

*    Reassurance

*    …and Fun!



It is well known that music, and other live arts, can assist healing and ease suffering. 

This is confirmed in respected professional publications. It is noted that arts can provide a soothing effect on agitated patients, serve as diversion from sadness or anger, can positively effect moods, and touch multi levels of consciousness. 


Artists:  We often hear from artists that their art is enhanced from this work. We invite skilled artists to join us in this work.  When you contact us we can provide suggestions on how to reach out to residents. 

Care Managers:  Please contact us to inquire about scheduling artists. 

Our supporters: 

We have been blessed with many supporters! 

Founder Bob Rowe received the 2006 Mother Teresa Award for using his art as a work of love in nursing homes, hospitals and for the aged, the neglected and the forgotten.  

Our accolades include:

§  "He uses his music as an instrument of healing!"  - Time Magazine 

§  "I salute you for the work you do for those who are suffering and in need!"  - Judy Collins 

Renaissance frequently receives financial support from local arts councils, corporations and from charitable foundations.  The latter includes the Arcus Foundation, Binda Foundation, Frey Foundation, Irving S. Gilmore Foundation, Kalamazoo Community Foundation, Miller Foundation and the Frederick S. Upton Foundation

Most gratifying, we have many individual supporters who contribute directly to support our work.

We are grateful that the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs (MCACA), with funding from the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), is a consistent financial supporter of our work.

Will you be a supporter? 

Bob is the founder of Renaissance Enterprises-a 501-C-3 nonprofit charity, founded in 1987, Renaissance was founded in 1987 to bring the joy of music and the arts to our nations nursing homes and other senior care facilities where there is much loneliness, suffering and despair. Your kind donation, of any amount, will go directly to program support to help with artists gas and travel expenses to get to each program! Thank you for any consideration! All donations go directly to programs and not administrative expenses.


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FAX  269-381-4887
Postal address  P.O. Box 473 Portage, MI. 49081
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