"Tiny woman with strong hands"

The legacy of Mother Teresa is monumental yet simple, and it is because of this simplicity that the real message of her life may be abandoned by many people caught up in her great celebrity status and notoriety.

Mother Teresa cared little for the honors and attention heaped upon her by the world. She would have just as soon done without any of it, though she knew how to use even that masterfully to bring attention to what mattered most, care and love for the poorest of the poor and those forgotten by the busy world of computers and money.

Many forget this tiny woman with the strong hands labored for decades, driven only by God and an unfathomable faith, before winning the Noble Peace Prize and getting people's attention.

I knew Mother Teresa from her numerous letters, messages, prayers and cards sent to us personally about our mission to bring the arts and music to the institutionalized population of America. Those letters were encouraging and kind and totally focused on us.

I know I am one of thousands who received personal contact from her, but that's not the point She responded.

She lived what she believed.

In a world that cares little for anything but the cost, the surface appearance and the bottom line, Mother Teresa stood out like a shining jewel. In a world where religion is reduced to rules, emotion and fitting into acceptable philosophies, Mother Teresa was the real thing a true Christian.

Her legacy will live on, but her tiny sandals will be hard to fill.

Bob Rowe, founder
Renaissance Enterprises
Kalamazoo, Mich.


The Pope, The Catholic Church, & Atonement

Monday's gathering of penance for past sins of 'the church,' was indeed a significant event in history and religion. Perhaps even monumental.

NEVER before in recent church history, has any pontiff, publicly acknowledged any past, or present wrongs in any spirit of repentance as has John Paul ll. This, I believe, is the crowning jewel in a long and accomplished papacy, spanning over two decades.

I don't believe the significance of this event has even begun to sink in as people, everywhere, voice their opposition, opinions, and support.

I well understand the anger some people feel that his (the popes) statements did not go far enough, or include enough of "the wronged-through history," however, any long and great journey has to begin with one single step in the right direction, and that's what this was.

In an era where there is more polarization than ever between people of differing opinions, instead of building walls of division, our greatest challenge in the 21st century will not be of a technological nature, but it will be to find, nurture, and strengthen TRUE spirituality between all people, and in doing so, find a way to preserve, protect and foster the growth of the human family into the 22nd century!!

Bob Rowe
Renaissance Enterprises
Kalamazoo, Michigan


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