Save Our Mall

Schedule of Activites and Events:

January 15th
7:00 to 9:00 PM
First Baptist Church
315 West Michigan
Ideas for Mall


Past Events:

Meet the Candidates Forum
Wood's Lake Elementary School
October 14

Meet the Candidates Forum
Edison Neighborhood Association
Stockbridge Ave United Methodist Church
1331 Race Street
October 16

Northside Neighborhood Association
1308 North Burdick
October 16

Save Our Mall / No Better Way
Rotary Club Breakfast
October 21

Discussion & Fund Raiser
Willie Phipps & Rhonda Selby - "Mostly Jazz"
Dirty's Outhouse Poets' Cafe
1908 West Main
October 22

Oakland Drive Association Board
3rd Christian Reform Church
2400 Winchell at Broadway
October 23

West Main Hill Neighnborhood Association
Stone Room - Kalamazoo College
October 24

Fun Event
Safe Halloween - On the Mall
Demonstrate with costume our Right to Vote!
October 26

Vine Neighborhood Association
Vine Alternative School
511 West Vine
October 30

Cable Access Call-In Program
Michelle Serlin & Kimberly Williamson
November 2

Link Up
Candidates & Issues Forum

Cable Access Program
League of Women Voters