NO Better Way
Now's Your Time to Decide

Exercise your right to vote on the future of our downtown on November 5 to:

  • Implement a ten-point plan for a healthy, vibrant downtown

  • Maintain a "pedestrian friendly" atmosphere on the Mall

  • Provide a lane (not a typical "street") for access, visibility and parking

  • Create a public/private partnership to finance the project

...with NO new property taxes or increased millage


Support a downtown plan that will...

  • Improve the pedestrian-friendly atmosphere with better space for outdoor eating and strolling

  • Strengthen existing businesses and attract exciting new shops and restaurants

  • beautify your downtown

  • Improve family-friendly entertainment

"This is a much bigger issue than opening the mall. This is about positioning our city for the 21st century."

George Hebben
Owner, Athena Bookshop

Now's Your time to Decide.
Vote NO November 5th

For more information please call (616) 344-0795