Retail Centers of Kalamazoo

1. South Westnedge Avenue in Kalamazoo

Type: Community

Location: South Westnedge Avenue between Kilgore Road and Whites Road

Contents Individual retail sites, strip malls, restaurants, bars, offices, more strip malls, big box retailers, and individual retail sites South of Kilgore Road in City of Portage.

2. Millwood

Type: Community/Neighborhood

Location: Intersections of Portage Street, Cork Street, and Lovers Lane; also intersection of Portage Street and Kilgore Road

Contents: Strip malls, individual retail sites, grocery, restaurants, bars, offices.

3. South Westnedge Avenue in Portage

Type: Regional

Location: South Westnedge Avenue between Milham Road and Centre Avenue in City of Portage

Contents: Malls, strip malls, individual retail sites, restaurants, bars, big box retailers, groceries

4. West Town Mall

Type: Community/Neighborhood

Location: Stadium Drive and Drake Road

Contents: Strip Mall

5. Westwood

Type: Regional/Community

Location: Intersection of Drake Road and W. Main Street; some parts in Oshtemo Township

Contents: Malls, strip malls, individual retail sites, big box retailers, groceries, restaurants, bars, offices

6. Downtown

Type: Regional/Community

Location: Central Business District

Content: Pedestrian mall, individual retail sites, offices, restaurants, bars, hotels

7. Orchard Plaza

Type: Neighborhood

Location West Michigan Avenue in Oshtemo Township

Contents: Strip mall, grocery store, restaurants

8. East Town Mall Area

Type: Community

Location: Gull Road and Sprinkle Road in Comstock Township

Contents: Mall, strip malls

9. Westnedge Hill

Type: Neighborhood

Location: South Westnedge Avenue and Howard Street

Contents: Individual retail sites, big box grocery, restaurants, offices

10. Vine Neighborhood

Type: Neighborhood

Location: South Westnedge Avenue between Vine Street and Crosstown Parkway

Contents Individual retail sites, restaurants, bars, offices, hotel

11. Oakwood

Type: Neighborhood

Location: Oakland Drive and Whites Road

Contents: Strip mall, grocery, offices, individual retail sites

12. W. Main Hill

Type: Neighborhood

Location: West Main Street in Kalamazoo Township

Contents: Strip mall, individual retail sites

13. Campus

Type: Neighborhood

Location: West Michigan Avenue and Howard Street

Content: Strip mall, individual retail sites, restaurants, bars

14. Riverview

Type: Neighborhood

Location: Riverview Drive between Kalamazoo Avenue and Patterson Street; also Gull Road between Riverview Drive and Borgess Hospital

Contents: Individual retail sites, restaurants, strip mall

15. Washington Square

Type: Neighborhood

Location: Portage Street between Lovell Street and Stockbridge Avenue

Contents: Individual retail sites, offices

16. Northside

Type: Neighborhood (former Community)

Location: Douglas Avenue and Patterson Street; also North Westnedge Avenue and North Park Street

Contents: Vacant, abandoned big box retailer and individual retail sites, some active individual retail sites

17. Crosstown Parkway

Type: Neighborhood (former Community)

Location: Crosstown Parkway between South Westnedge Avenue and South Burdick Street; also Stockbridge Avenue and South Burdick Street

Contents: Offices, abandoned big box retailer (reused for medical center), individual retail sites, abandoned grocer (reused for offices), restaurants