TABLE XI-1: Michigan Natural Features Inventory

Kirtlands's snake(Endangered) Clonophis kirtlandii historic record, potential habitat may exist along tributaries to Kalamazoo River
Compass-plant(Threatened) Silphium laciniatum Section 20
Rattlesnake-master (Threatened)Eryngium yuccifolium Section 20, 30
Leiberg's panic-grass (Threatened)Panicum leibergii Section 20, 29
Rosinweed(Threatened) Silphium integrifolium Section 20, 29, 30
Starry campion(Threatened) Silene stellataSection 17, 19, 30
Cut-leaved water-parsnip (Threatened)Berula pusilla Sections 25 & surrounding
White wild indigo(Threatened) Baptisia lacteaSection 11, 19
Horsetail spike-rush (Special concern)Eleocharis equisetoides Section 33
Spotted turtle(Special concern) Clemmys guttataSection 29, 32
Leadplant(Special concern) Amorpha canescens Section 5
Eastern box turtle (Special concern)Terrapene carolina Section 17, 20
Eastern massasauga rattlesnake (Special concern) Sistrurus catenatus catenatus Section 10

Source: Michigan Natural Features Inventory, Michigan Department of Natural Resources