HEAR, Inc.
(Human Educational Alternatives Research, Inc.)


Established: 13 May 1969

A non-profit 501(c)3 educational research corporation of Michigan dedicated to exploring the frontiers of human potential. HEAR, Inc. is engaged in the basic research of whole systems and the discovery of their inherent structure.

Projects of HEAR, Inc. include the development of:

- APMA (A-Priori Modal Analysis), a formal logical system for the processing of analogies.

- The Personal Styles Matrix, an assessment instrument for identifying working styles of individuals. For more information on this instrument visit the web site located at: http://www.WhoIAm.com

- The Individual Learning Profile, an assessment instrument for identifying learning styles of individuals.

- The Business Viewpoints Matrix, a map of qualitatively distinct issues crucial to the success of any business.

The Personal Styles Matrix, the Individual Learning Profile and the Business Viewpoints Matrix are all available through Workplace Dynamics, Inc. at the email address of: patterns@WhoIAm.com

A sample of research papers and publications include:

- An Analysis of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) in relation to the Personal Styles Matrix. (unpublished). Frank J. Lucatelli

- A Proof of (David) Hilbert's Plane "Axiom" of Group II. This proof is an application of APMA, used to organize fundamental concepts of plane geometry. Frank J. Lucatelli

- The Relationship Between Cosmological Fluctuations and the Diagnosis of Bipolar, Manic-Depressive Disorder; November 1995; Biophysics; Pergamon Press, London, England. Published in Russian and English. Co-authored by Frank J. Lucatelli and Emily J. (Pane) Ternes.

HEAR, Inc. hosted the visit of Dr. Simon Shnol', Director of the Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Biophysics (ITEB) in Pushchino, Russia to Kalamazoo for a conference on the exploration of the significance of time cycles as a factor in the fluctuation of experimental results. This conference lead to publication of the above paper on Manic-Depressive Disorder.

Email for HEAR, Inc. may be sent to: patterns@net-link.net


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