Bob has just been notified that he has won the "World of Poetry" contest with "Don't Be Afraid," and "The Window". Both will be published in an anthology called "On The Mountaintop!" due out in June 2000, for libraries, schools, bookstores, etc!!! Congratulations Bob!!!


When I'm alone
and feeling frightened
and the day turns into night
When the dawn seems never breaking
when the time seems never right
When every one has turned against me
and the dream will not come true
When all my hours are sad and lonely
with all my heart I turn to you

I turn to you when I'm alone in the darkness
I turn to you when stars grow dim
In every way you are the one truth
with all my heart I turn to you

Tides grow dim upon the ocean
Stars will fade before the dawn
Evening shadows steal the morning
the glow of mid day soon is gone
Yet when the twilight lies before me
and the skies are never blue
When I'm alone at close of daybreak
with all my heart I turn to you

I turn to you when I'm alone in the darkness
I turn to you when stars grow dim
In every way you are the one truth
With all my heart I turn to you!

Merger Of The Heart

I touch you
you touch me
we will be together
even though
we're apart

We have signed
in love
a merger
of the heart

The Window

I recall
those front-row high-school days
the Jims and Janes knew all the
could solve a fraction backwards
and Sister beamed with admiration

The window
was my escape to freedom
I'd climb down every autumn leaf
and melt into a different colored world
always knowing
my God
never ask a violet
to be

"Don't Be Afraid!"

Don't be afraid to be YOU
there's no one else who can
Don't be too slow to share YOU
the chance may not come again
Don't worry what others say to YOU
they're only struggling too
No one else has all the answers
even if they say they do!
Don't look behind,
but for a moment
Always look ahead
never count the times you fail
but the times you've tried instead!
Never take what you can't give back
from other folks along the way
Be careful of the things you do
and everything you say
And, remember, my friends,
when the day is done
and the good and bad is weighed,
There will NEVER be another YOU
so please, don't be afraid!!


If only we could see beyond
the masks of fear we all put on
and allow someone to truly touch
the hidden part that we call us

Without regret, fear, or shame
to leave behind more than a name
the love that lives within us all
can break down fear, the inner wall!


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