2006 Mother Teresa Laureate 

Dear Friends!  It is with great joy that we announce that Mr. Bob Rowe, founder and Executive Director of Renaissance Enterprises has won a 2006 Mother Teresa Laureate for his work and dedication to beautifying the world by bringing music and the arts to our nations forgotten elderly!

The nomination process took place in the fall of 2005 and awards were just announced this week!  Past laureates include: His Holiness, Pope John Paul 11; Former President, Jimmy Carter; Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Sr. Wendy Beckett, John Michael Talbot, Dana Scallon  and other notable individuals.
This prestigious, international award, will include the presentation of a commemorative award statue (manufactured by the same company which produces the Academy Award statuettes) and presented, in September 2006 by members of Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity order, through the auspices of St. Bernadettes Institute of Sacred Art in Albuquerque, NM.
Bob will also be featured in 'American Profile Magazine, which has a circulation in the millions, in September 2006...stay tuned for more details!
"Your work of love in nursing homes, hospitals, for the aged and unwanted is truly the work of peace. The world is not only hungry for food but also for beauty."  Mother Teresa of Calcutta
Many thanks!
Renaissance Staff


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