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MOTHER TERESA-Saint/Heroine/Friend

Mother Teresa It has been documented that for an individual to be proclaimed an official saint, of the Catholic Church, there has to be a record of three provable miracles, attributed to his, or her, life, and that the life of the proposed saint, must be heroically virtuous, faithful, without doubt, and courageously loving and devoted.

As far as I'm concerned, the life of MOTHER TERESA, Of Calcutta, yielded an uncountable amount of miracles. In fact, her life, as I see it, was itself a miracle of courage, hope, faith, and insurmountable LOVE! Heroic love, pure love, and unwavering love.

I first wrote Mother Teresa, in the late 80's, reading of her work, seeing the documentaries, and hearing stories as the rest of the world had by that time. She was no "over-night" pop star, no politically correct celebrity in all the right places, at all the right times. No, she was an iron lady, with hands of time worn strength, from many a battle fought, and many a labor undertaken.

Mother Teresa was born in Skopje Yugoslavia, to a poor family and left her mother, Father, and two siblings to join the religious order of The Loretto Sisters, which took her to India, to teach geography to wealthy young ladies at a convent school for girls. On a train ride to Darjeeling, for her annual retreat, Mother saw a beggar on the street, and experience a spiritual "epiphany," that would change her life, and the life of the world forever.

Against the grain of her entire order of nuns, and the societal codes of the day, she left her order and moved onto the streets of Calcutta, to begin her extraordinary mission, picking up one dying soul at a time, all for the love of Jesus, all for the heart of God, whose face she believed she was holding in every sick and dying person she cared for. With little food, and no money, she persevered for decades, as other women came to join her, and slowly, very slowly, recognition and help came to her ministry for near and far.

Many were suspicious of her intentions, and some even showed open hostility, disgust, and anger, that someone from her background "would not stay in her place," but would choose to live like a beggar and touch the "untouchables" of her community, whom no one wanted, and no one cared for.

Mother Teresa was near 70 when she won the Noble Peace Prize, and appeared on the cover of Time Magazine, and the world press took notice of her work, yet some persist to this day with the claim that she only did it "for the publicity." Only to get noticed and approval.

When I do my own small evaluation of "great souls," I come up with Mother Teresa's name at the top of the list, again, and again. No, not for The Noble Peace Prize, not for the notoriety, or fame, or humbleness even, of this "Tiny woman, with strong hands," but because, in the face of hatred, rejection, loneliness and poverty, she continued, to her death to choose to live and follow the guiding light of love that every religion, creed and denomination claims is the true face of God!

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