Judy Collins

A TRIBUTE Picture of Judy Collins

She's real. She's remarkable. Her life story is something those of us who lead lives of struggle, pain, joy and heartache, can read and relate to. She is one of us. I believe I relate to her most of all.

Her voice is warm, tender, and kind, filled with longing and caring, I think it gets better and better and better, but how can you improve something that's already stunning?! Her taste in music is impeccable and so well suited for her message...

Her songs have carried me, like the rest of the world, through generations of changes, social strife and personal journeys of love and life. The "early" songs inspired the belief in something bigger than ourselves and the beauty of "Memory," and "Send In The Clowns," can send the soul into romantic realms, long forgotten. The first time I listened to "The Blizzard," I remembered thinking that somehow, in a burst of magic, Judy was able to bring all of the trust of youth, the knowledge of adulthood, and the longing for eternity into one song, quite a feat...

judy and carol

Back in the days when very famous people never answered their mail, personally, I received a hand written letter from Judy, of encouragement and caring, I will never forget that. I wrote her recently and requested permission to record her wonderful song, "Come Rejoice," on my Christmas Bells album, and she wrote back that she "was honored." What a class act, again and again.

She continues today to inspire, instruct and lead us with incredibly beautiful and contemporary music and even a few movie and television appearances, like a feature in "Junior," with Arnold Schwartzenegger.

Judy Collins remains and will always be a jewel in the horizon of our era and inspiration for us all.


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