Dan Paulos


He is the only artist I know who will tirelessly devote himself to helping another artist, without, envy, selfishness, or expecting a return on his time and effort.

His paper-cuttings, in black and white, are devotional prayers of beauty, expertly crafted, depicting his love for God in simple, elegant terms, yet breathtaking to behold.'

Joan Baez Sr. sent his book, "He's Put The Whole World In Her Hands," to me, in 1990, or so, and I was stunned by the work and sentiments enclosed. The words were by Mother Teresa, and the art was by Dan Paulos.

His new book, "Behold The Women," is the most comprehensive effort, that I know of, describing the enormous contribution made by Catholic nuns to our world. It is filled with moving testimonials, wonderful pictures and sincere recollections by many notable people. All proceeds benefit the work of St. Bernadette Institute of Sacred Art. The books is available, retail, for $24.95, from St. Bernadette Institute, P. 0. Box 8249, Albuquerque, NM 87198.

Below is an excerpt from my story, "IHM," which appears in the book.

...Every Friday morning, at 8 am, we would hurry into church to the bell-like sounds of the nuns singing the Requiem Mass. Sister would walk up and down each isle to teach us the proper parts in Latin, before the Mass began. The music would float out into the street on those early winter mornings so long ago...

... Those days of 1960 are gone now and no more can the sound of rustling habits and dangling rosary beads be heard in the busy halls and classrooms of St. Philip School. Never again will life be so simple, so secure, so positive, as Sister's fervent prayers before 1960 came upon us. Yet, ever so often, on a cold September morning, I can close my eyes and see her straightening a student's tie, rearranging a row of chairs, and hear the strain of "Immaculate Mary" drifting away with the breeze of change that blows through all of our lives forever.


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