Jimmy Bradford

jimmyJimmy Bradford is the best fiddle player I have ever met and worked with. His dexterity and grace rival that of someone half his age, in fact someone that young couldn't do what Jim does with a violin!!

Born and raised in Alabama, a state still dear to Jim, who has traveled all over and returned there often for fiddle contests, (most of which he has won)!

Jim was part of (and still is) the legendary group, GREEN VALLEY BOYS, who, along with founder, the late, REM WALL, played on CBS affiliate, channel 3, for over 34 years, winning an award from The country Music Hall Of Fame, for longest and best Country Music Variety Show!! It couldn't have happened without Jim's talent!

Jim can perform anything from " Orange Blossom Special," to the beautiful "Ashokan Farewell (Dear Sarah), and his warmth as a human being is just one of the reasons he is a long-term Renaissance favorite and a pal of mine!




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