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"What ties together all of the Renaissance Artists is a general love for their art, a willingness to share, and compassion for the less fortunate, in particular, those who are living in America's care institutions and nursing homes!"

"Each artist in our roster is personally selected based on the high quality of their gifts and a unique ability to communicate those gifts to the audiences we serve. Most of the artists participating have already done work with "special" audiences and have developed a unique approach, using their talents to reach this group."

"Every performer, singer, artist, clown, or theatrical performer connected with Renaissance Enterprises has a very special way in how they are able to transfer their individual messages to their audience, involving each audience member in the performance, or artistic demonstration. As an example, artist, MICHAEL NORTHROP, has a long history as a minister, and through his church work in his parish, he is able to utilize his pastoral gifts, along with his painting talents forming together, a very powerful outreach to his audience, blending spirituality and art in a wonderful expression!"

"RENDAL WALL'S long history in television, through the GREEN VALLEY JAMBOREE, has made him well-known to all audiences, especially those we serve, the elderly, who remember Rendal and his famous father, the late, REM WALL, for their 34 years on television, which reached millions of viewers."

"JIMMY BRADFORD, another member of THE GREEN VALLEY BOYS, is a fiddle champ, extraordinaire, and has won awards all over the nation, and currently performs numerous engagements, showing the audience his graceful dexterity, that only improves with the years! Jim is a living example of the old phrase, "if you use it, you will never loose it," in fact, he can play circles around any 20, or 30 year old fiddler around!'"

"And, the great CANDACE ANDERSON CORRIGAN, her talents are endless and amazing! Her musical stories of historical women from Michigan and Tennessee are inspiring and inventive, and she has worked hard to bring her educational shows to school audiences all over the USA!!! We are so blessed to have her working with us on programs in Middle Tennessee (and Michigan), sharing her gifts with the institutionalized audiences we serve, who love her too!"

" GLORIA LARRIEU, one of our founding artists, is a fixture on our roster, although we don't get to enjoy her talents as often as we'd like, as she is busy earning a doctorate degree, and teaching at The University Of New Mexico. There will never be another Glo, whose voice can warm up the darkest night, or the darkest room!!!

"New to our roster, are MICHAEL NORTHRUP and JEAN WAGONER, folksinger! Jean is a very versatile performer, accompanying herself on guitar, her repertoire is vast and interesting as she involves the audience in the meanings of all her songs, and enchants them with the melodies."

"This is just a short list of the many fine artists, artisans, and performers we offer through Renaissance Enterprises, as we are always up-dating our roster, and adding talented individuals who are introduced to us and who have a willingness to share their time and talents!"

"Believe me, you won't find a better group of folks, nor more talented if you set up camp at Carnegie Hall, in New York, or The Grand Ole Opry, in Nashville, these artists are shining jewels and we celebrate their talents!"


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